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Santa USA
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Wonderful, lasting memories
are created each time Santa's helicopter lands to touch
the hearts of thousands within our community
Santa USA began in the mid-seventies as a personal project
of a single individual.  He was determined to bring happiness,
goodwill and the Christmas Spirit to children, the infirmed,
and the elderly in our community
Many good-hearted neighbors took notice of his dedication and,
as their interest grew, these caring people began to
contribute their time and money
Read the whole story of Santa USA and how it all began

Santa USA
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"Enthusiasm thrived and many of the
volunteers created costumes of elves and various other Christmas characters"

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With over 100 tours last year and greeting thousands within of our community, we are very pleased with our successful mission of sharing the spirit of Christmas
We hope to see you
all this year

2007 - Santa USA